DuPage Highlands Park

Fri April 10, 2020

Dear Neighbors of DuPage Highlands Park, 

Due to the current Stay at Home order we won’t be able to have a typical public meeting to gather direct input from the neighbors of our newest park site – DuPage Highlands Park.  However, I am still committed to getting this park/playground built in 2020.  That being said, I have had our landscape architects draw up 3 Playground Options, that all fit within the same footprint of the park’s property.

I have included the 3 Options (with a reverse view too) for your review and comments.  Please see the form on the reverse side of this letter and follow the instructions to return this information to me by April 17th .  To some extent we can mix/match the play equipment and we can certainly use the most favorable color scheme with any of the playground combinations.

review options
The playground equipment area will have a rubberized surface and the swing set area will have wood fiber playground mulch as the safety surfacing.  There will be a small shade/shelter just to the west of the existing garage and a couple benches for seating, as well. 
The Park District has deemed the condition of the garage to be very good and we will be using it for off-season storage of garbage cans, picnic tables and other miscellaneous park equipment.  This will not be a working garage for our Parks Department (that’s at Wynwood Park, already).
Please don’t hesitate to contact me with and questions or comments.
Best Regards,
Mark L. Pawlowski
Mark L. Pawlowski
Executive Director