Five Year Capital Plan

Mon May 3, 2021

Capital Development Plan 2019-24 (Fiscal Years) 

Updated : 1-6-20 


The Capital Development Plan is the guiding financial path to keep Winfield Park District on target to fulfill its Mission to the Winfield community. In the Fall of 2018 the Winfield Park District Board of Commissioners directed the Executive Director to conduct a Community Survey in order to assess the needs of the community. The Community Survey would be instrumental in determining 3 issues facing the Park District in the next several years; 

1. Determine the community’s interest in the acquisition of the Klein Creek Golf Club 

2. Determine Capital improvements for all park sites and facilities of the District 

3. Determine improvements to the current recreation programs offered by the District  


The Community Survey was conducted December 20, 2018 - January 22, 2019. Results of the survey were reviewed in the Spring of 2019 by the staff and Park Board of Commissioners. The Park District’s goal was to gather a minimum of 350 completed surveys. 557 surveys were completed by the community, which provided valuable feedback to the Park Board. Additionally, an Open House & Public Hearing was held on December 7, 2019 to gather more community feedback, regarding the C.R.Beggs Activity Center’s proposed expansion and remodeling.  85 people signed in (several had children with them) and stopped by to learn more about the proposed project and 31 comment cards were submitted, as well. Additionally, the Park District received 13 comment cards or emailed comments the 5 days following December 7th.   

The results and comments of the Community Survey and the Public Hearing comments, comment cards, and emailswere integrated into developing a Capital Development Plan for the 5 fiscal years (2019-2024). Furthermore, this Capital Development Plan is the result of several Long Range Planning Committee Meetings, 2019 Monthly Park Board Meetings and Public Hearing/Open House meetings that occurred in 2019. Board/Staff/Community input is the basis for the advancement and composition of this Capital Development Plan 2019-24.

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