Facility Rentals

Winfield Park District offers several great facilities to host your next wedding, family gathering, or party at. Please note that 2 weeks advance notice is required for any facility rental.

Facilities and equipment can be requested by filling out a facility request form. Forms are available at the Winfield Park District Administrative Offices, 0 N 020 County Farm Road, Winfield, IL. Call (630) 653-3811 for additional information.

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Facility/Equipment Resident Fee Non-Resident Fee

Gazebo $15.00/2 hours $50.00/2 hours
Half Gymnasium
Full Gymnasium
Batting Cage with Pitching Machine $30.00/hour $40.00/hour
Batting Cage with L-Screen $15.00/hour $20.00/hour
Athletic Facility - Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball (1 hour minimum required.)
$20.00/hour $35.00/hour
Illuminated Athletic Field (Glasshagel Park. 1 hour minimum. May require an attendant fee.) $45.00/hour $60.00/hour
Soccer/Baseball/Softball Field (Baseball field may require attendant fee.)
$20.00/hour $35.00/hour
Picnic Area / Shelters $25.00/day $40.00/day
Wynwood Shelter $15.00/hour $45.00/hour
East Street Park Turf Ball Field (1 hour minimum and may require an attendant fee.) $45.00/hour $60.00/hour
In-line Hockey Rink (Oakwood/Glasshagel Parks. 1 hour minimum required.) $30.00/hour $45.00/hour

Credit Card deposit is necessary to rent facilities.

  • ----creeksidepk.jpg

    Creekside Gazebo

    Located at 0S211 Winfield Road, this park is a favorite for brides and grooms as the location for their wedding ceremonies and pictures. This quant park offers landscaped pathways, a bridge, and a gazebo.

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    Picnic Area/Shelters

    If you are planning on having a picnic in one of our parks, we welcome you to do so! We just ask that you contact us to reserve the park if you will be picnicking with an organized group.

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    Athletic Facilities

    At many of our parks we have baseball fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, and open areas for soccer or other outdoor activities. These parks are always available for your use, but can be reserved for a special occasion or family picnic. Organized league play may require a field prep charge ($20 minimum) and proof of insurance.

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    Charles R. Beggs Activity Center

    The Charles R. Beggs Activity Center, located at 0N020 County Farm Road, is a familiar destination. It is home to the park district's administration offices, preschool, and activity classes. This facility is equipped with an activity room with kitchen facilities, gymnasium, tables, and chairs, making it the perfect facility for birthday parties and meetings. Custodial/Attendant fees range between $12-$15 per hour, when required.