ABC-123 Preschool Program

Philosophy and Curriculum

Our preschool program has been helping students grow and learn for more than 30 years!

Our philosophy is guided by learning through play. Through play, children in our program are able to learn how to share, create, cooperate, interact, and solve problems. Support for each child will be provided by caring and knowledgeable staff in a collaborative working partnership with families, our park district, and school districts.

Students will learn through art, singing, games, storytelling, and movement. Our curriculum helps children develop self control, physical coordination, and social skills. Activities are presented in individual, group, structured, and unstructured settings. Our goal is for each child to develop a love of learning and a positive self image.

2022-2023 School Year

Our school operates on the same schedule as District #34 on most holidays and vacations, however, winter break may differ.

The school year runs between Tuesday, September 6th and Friday, May 26th

Resident registration: Begins on Monday, January 3rd

Non-Resident registration: Begins on Monday, January 10th


Registration Requirements:

A $100 non-refundable registration fee is required.

Preschool registration must be done in person as online registration is not offered at this time.

A copy of child's birth certificate and health examination form is required at time of registration


3 year old program: children must turn 3 by 9/1/2022

4 year old program: children must turn 4 by 9/1/2022



Please check out our preschool parent handbook for further information regarding our program.
Are you interested in scheduling a tour?

Please contact:
Candice Basista - Recreation Supervisor
(630)-653-3811 ext. 114